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Alex S's Custom Wish

Having spent so much time in the hospital, Alex appreciated his own space, and wanted to make his room something very special. Workers4Wishes helped make Alex's vision of a "man cave" a reality.

We'd like to give a special thank you to the following sponsors as

well as other community supporters & friends for helping make

Alex's wish happen.

Alex W

Posted by Workers 4 Wishes on August, 2015

A bit about Alex S...

Alex was very much a 17yr old typical teenager who  loved tech and photography. However, when he was in grade 11, a simple eye exam turned into a diagnosis of a germinoma tumour. Initial surgeries discovered that the tumour was malignant and right in  the middle of his brain, making it difficult to remove. Doctors decided that an aggressive course of chemotherapy and radiation was the best option. The week most high school students had march break Alex began chemotherapy. It wrought havoc on his immune system but by July the tumour had shrunk enough for radiation to take over. Alex spent the summer doing radiation 5days a week. Doctors were impressed by his progress and gave him the green light to go back to school, something he desperately missed.  Although he is still passionate about photography, his challenges inspired him to consider persuing a career in the medical field, helping young people who have to spend large parts of their youth in the hospital.